Could Not Authenticate MAC

If you see this alert:


It means that your computer cannot connect to our server.

It is caused by one of these factors:

1. You entered the wrong password so try again.
If you are still having a problem, contact us.

2. A “time” error.
The time on your computer is not the same as our server time.
It is probably due to a time zone discrepancy.

Our server in synchronized to GMT (UTC) and your computer needs to be adjusted to be in UTC.
Here is how you adjust the time:

1 Go to “Control Panel” on your computer

2 Click on “Clock, Language, and Region” (or something similar depending on your operating system):
(Click on the images to see a larger version)


3 Click on “Date and Time“:


4 Click on “Change Date and time…“:


5.1 Verify the correct date and time are set correctly:

MAC 5.1

5.2 If correct, click on “OK“.

5.3 If the time is not correct, you can set up an automatic adjustment by clicking on “Internet Time“:

MAC 5.3

5.4 Click on “Change settings…“:

MAC 5.4

5.5 Click on the check box next to “Synchronize with an Internet time server“:

MAC 5.5

5.6 Choose one of the servers:

MAC 5.6

5.7 Click on “Update now“:

MAC 5.7

5.8 The computer clock is synchronized. Click on “OK“:

MAC 5.8

6.1 Go back to the “Control Panel” and click on “Clock, Language, and Region“:

MAC 6.1

6.2 Click on “Change the time zone“:

MAC 6.2

6.3 Click on “Change time zone…“:

MAC 6.3

6.4 Select your time zone:

MAC 6.4

6.5 Click on “OK“:

MAC 6.5

7 Your computer is now synchronized with our server.

8 Try the mission again:


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