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Can I install the program on more than one computer?

The briefings and videos are available on the courses website which can be accessible on any computer by logging in.
However, the licenses for Flight Simulator (FSX) and Prepar3D (P3D) are only compatible for one computer.
Therefore you must do the simulations on the computer that has FSX or P3D installed.

However, if you have the simulation engine installed on more than one computer, let us know and we can give you access to all your computers.

Can I install the program on a Mac?

Unfortunately, FSX and Prepar3D are only compatible on Microsoft Windows operating systems and is not able to run directly on an Apple device unless you configure it to run Windows.

Check this link:


What are the minimum system requirements to run the program?

Our software is very “light” and does not require a very powerful computer.
However, Prepar3D has a specific set of minimum requirements you will need to meet to have a smooth flight simulation experience.

Check your system specifications: Prepar3D v1.4 System Requirements.

Which version of Prepar3D do I need to buy?

We designed this course to be used with Prepar3d Version 3.

We created a buying guide for P3D: Click Here

What type of yoke and rudder pedals do you recommend?

While you can fly the missions with a joystick, we strongly recommend you invest in a yoke and a set of rudder pedals:

Yoke – CH Flight Sim Yoke

Rudder Pedals – Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Rudder Pedals

An optional item that will enhance your training: TrackIR

Click here to watch a video on TrackIR

I reset the mission after a mission failure but the mission will not start.

If you need to reset the mission for any reason, launch the mission again from the course website instead of using the reset option in P3D.

I am having trouble flying the simulations.

I am getting these alerts:

Capture 1  Click here

MAC0  Click here

My yoke or rudder pedals is/are not working properly.

You will need to calibrate them. Click here.

Is there a way I can open the mission directly instead of downloading it first?

If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, you should have an option to open the file instead of download.
If you are using Chrome, we recommend you select “Always open files of this type” (as shown).


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